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VFF - Velocity Frequent Flyer

SmartEarn Loyalty Portal


Velocity Frequent Flyer is an Australia's leading frequent flyer program of Virgin Airlines, we help VFF to revamp the whole member loyalty portal by creating the e-store and reward store which enhanced the engagement to the program and providing excellent redemption experience to each member. Member could easily earn points and redeem hundreds of products via the Velocity e-store include electronics, fashion and homeware and food & drinks ...etc.


The original member loyalty platform has been dated with old user interface, non-responsive layout and bad user experience which discouraging the return of user to the site and the redemption rate is very low which affected the ROI of the business.


To deliver a modernised and responsive loyalty platform that enables future innovation, reduces risk and improves customer experience for their loyalty customers. Ultimately to increase the conversion rate for points earn and rewards redemption.


45% growth of the portal conversion rate.

38% growth of the points earning rate from the bonus point eShop

58% growth of the redemption rate from the awards eShop.

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Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 12.07.00 PM.png
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